First Impression : Hello Kitty Box-Type Kalimba | Pangolin Kalimba

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It’s my Birthday Month!! Yay! Any Hello Kitty fans out there? Or someone who loves kawaii stuff? I found a very adorable Hello Kitty x Pangolin Kalimba! It is cuteness overload!

“That is so cuuuute”!!! This is mainly the reaction I’ve received from my fellow Kalimbistas and others who have seen this Hello Kitty Kalimba. And Yes!! I totally agree! This is super dee duper cute!

Unboxing Video of Hello Kitty Kalimba

My First Impression


The box is so pretty. Red, hearts everywhere with Hello Kitty in it? Omg! Who wouldn’t want to play this kalimba?


The protection bag is so adorable. With Hello Kitty embroidery, it’s really a very cutesy fashionable way to bring my kalimba anywhere I go. The bag is also soft with foams on all sides. So I feel like my kalimba will really be protected.


I believe the wood of this kalimba is camphor because of the smell. I did check the description but they’re all written in Taiwanese language. Yeah I know it’s silly for me not to know what I’m buying. But the cuteness of hello kitty and the golden tines already put me under a “go buy this kalimba spell”. *dance dance* I love smelling it. Specially while plucking the tines, it’s addicting!

Golden Tines

Since I fell in love with kalimba, I’ve been looking for a kalimba with different metal tines. All that I’ve seen are silver metal ones. So when I saw this golden tines from Pangolin Kalimba, I got really excited! giggles*

Golden tines didn’t disappoint me. The unique golden color, beautiful soothing sound. I’m so impressed!

You can distinguish the difference of the golden tines from the silver ones. I love both though. Gold is just unique and if I remember it right you can only find golden tines in Taiwan.

The Design

The engraving is so beautiful! I love the hello kitty design at the front and at the back. So lovely!

I mean come on, look at that hello kitty holding a kalimba. Isn’t she the cutest of them all? *puke rainbows*

The design of the body of Pangolin Kalimba is very unique. All box type kalimbas I know have hole at the front. But what’s special about this one is that it has a cover.

Another extraordinary thing about their designs is the back of their box type kalimbas. Usually you’ll find 2 small holes at the back, but with this kalimba you won’t see any holes.

When I saw the front hole cover, there’s no 2 holes at the back and the golden tines, I already knew I need to get this kind of kalimba. Yes I did say “need”. Kalimba is like a drug, it’s so addicting! The more you play it the more you want to get different types and designs of kalimbas. *giggles* It’s totally different from the kalimba I own and the ones you can see online. *dance dance*

I honestly have no idea though why they have front cover and its purpose and why there’s no 2 small holes at the back of the kalimba, but I already reached out to them and asked them some information regarding their kalimbas. I’ll share it with you once I got their response.

The sound

I’m so happy that this kalimba is not just super dee cute but the quality of the sound it produces is superb!

It’s sweet, calming and magical. Even if it’s a box type kalimba it’s not too loud. Loudness is usually the issue with this type. For me it’s just right. You can listen to a sound test on the video.


It also comes with accessories like the stickers for the tines, tuning hammer and instruction manual. The stickers are so cute specially the sticker notes with hearts. The tuning hammer is just like the usual hammer you’ll see from other kalimba accessories.

The instruction manual also looks so adorable. I just wish there’s also an English translation. I understand that the target market of Pangolin Kalimba is within Taiwan. But it would be awesome if they’ll add an English translation in the future for customers like me who loves their product and also for beginners who can’t speak Taiwanese language. Learning kalimba though nowadays is easy. Just go to youtube and you’ll find tutorials.

This doesn’t come with a cleaning cloth. Which is not really a biggie. I just mentioned it incase you guys are wondering what are the accessories included in the bag.

Where to buy?

You can purchase this cutesy kalimba at Pangolin Music .

I love this Hello Kitty Kalimba by Pangolin. I’m really enjoying playing songs with it!

So what do you guys think about this kalimba? I hope you enjoy my Hello Kitty x Pangolin Kalimba post.

Have an awesome day!



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This is not a sponsored post. The Kalimba featured was purchased by me.  All photos you’ll find in this blog are ©  unless noted otherwise.

11 thoughts on “First Impression : Hello Kitty Box-Type Kalimba | Pangolin Kalimba

  1. Herl, these items are adorable! I like how you explained that the design was different from what you’d usually expect to see. It was helpful for me as I’m learning about the Kalimba through you 🙂


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