Kalimba : Hugh Tracey Chromatic Celeste Treble

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Have you ever experienced that feeling when you thought you wasted dollars on the instrument you bought? That there’s like regrets on the purchase you made because you thought it’s easy to learn but you’re struggling? Then later it turned out that you just needed more time to fully understand how to play it and practicing allowed you to get to know the instrument a little deeper and then eventually you became friends with it.

(Front of Hugh Tracey Chromatic Celeste Treble)

I got this Hugh Tracey Treble Chromatic Celeste last June. This is not my first kalimba, it’s actually my second. The first one was a cheaper one I found in amazon last April, I just wanted to see if I’ll be able to learn the kalimba since I have never played any instrument at all before. It turned out that I super enjoyed playing it, so after 2 months I decided to purchase a Hugh Tracey one.

Hugh Tracey Kalimba

(Left side view of Hugh Tracey Chromatic Celeste Treble)
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