First Impression : Hello Kitty Box-Type Kalimba | Pangolin Kalimba

Hi, hey there, hello awesomes!

It’s my Birthday Month!! Yay! Any Hello Kitty fans out there? Or someone who loves kawaii stuff? I found a very adorable Hello Kitty x Pangolin Kalimba! It is cuteness overload!

“That is so cuuuute”!!! This is mainly the reaction I’ve received from my fellow Kalimbistas and others who have seen this Hello Kitty Kalimba. And Yes!! I totally agree! This is super dee duper cute!

Unboxing Video of Hello Kitty Kalimba

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Kalimba Cover & Tutorial : In The End | Linkin Park | Hugh Tracey Chromatic Celeste Treble

Hi, hey there, hello awesomes and LP fans!

Have you ever tried to do something you never thought you’d totally enjoy and love? This is what happened to me when I first met my Kalimba instrument. I enjoyed the Kalimba app game but having the real instrument right in front of me feels so different but exciting at the same time!

I’ve watched a lot of amazing kalimba cover videos in YouTube and those kalimba players really inspired me to make my own kalimba arrangement. For someone like me though who only know the basics which I learned from school, it’s a bit hard at the beginning. Good thing I still remember the mnemonic Every Good Boy Does Fine. *dance dance*

I’ve been listening to Linkin Park since high school. That’s like more than 10 years now. *giggles* Yes I’m an LP fan! So for my first Kalimba Cover I decided to do Linkin Park’s song In The End . I played the song using my Hugh Tracey Chromatic Celeste Treble in the Key of C.

Kalimba Cover


Artist : Linkin Park

Kalimba Tutorial

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