First Impression : Hello Kitty Box-Type Kalimba | Pangolin Kalimba

Hi, hey there, hello awesomes!

It’s my Birthday Month!! Yay! Any Hello Kitty fans out there? Or someone who loves kawaii stuff? I found a very adorable Hello Kitty x Pangolin Kalimba! It is cuteness overload!

“That is so cuuuute”!!! This is mainly the reaction I’ve received from my fellow Kalimbistas and others who have seen this Hello Kitty Kalimba. And Yes!! I totally agree! This is super dee duper cute!

Unboxing Video of Hello Kitty Kalimba

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Kalimba : The Thumb Piano

Hi, hey there, hello awesomes!

Have you heard of the instrument called Kalimba? *thinking…* 

I saw this word kalimbafor the first time when I was searching for a relaxing game in App Store. Pretty sure I’m not the only one who needed some fun but also relaxing game at the same time right? *wink* It looks interesting so I tried and played the game. I enjoyed it a lot to the point that I went to google and checked if this instrument really exists. *nerdy mode on* It led me to youtube and I saw a lot of videos. I was totally blown away on how my ears loving the sounds, so enchanting and soothing! I spent hours watching those videos. So the ending? I went to amazon and purchased one! *dance dance*

My Kalimba Collection
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